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Josefswarte. ©Walter Paminger

Incredible Biodiversity in the Biosphere Reserve

The Vienna Woods offer a wealth of different habitats – meadows, pastures, fields and vineyards – and are home to a wide range of animal and plant species. In 2006 they were included in the 531 sites in 105 countries on the planet that are recognised by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserves. The Perchtoldsdorf forest, the heath, the vineyards and Hochberg hill are part of this Biosphere Reserve.

Nature’s welcome starts right behind the church. A stroll through gently rolling vineyards leads walkers right to the Föhrenberge nature reserve. On the highest peak (576 m), an observation tower (Josefswarte) offers a wonderful panoramic view. Walkers wending their way to one of the inns may well come across a ground squirrel or two.

Well marked hiking trails (such as Fernwanderweg E 4 and Nordalpenweg) link Perchtoldsdorf with Europe at large. Walking in silence is not only enjoyed by pilgrims on the Jacob’s Trail in Spain but is also a long-cherished tradition in Lower Austria. Perchtoldsdorf even has its own “via sacra” starting from the parish church St. Augustinus and leading to Mariazell, Austria’s most important pilgrimage destination..

Swimming in summer and winter, climbing and bouldering, plus curling, skating and going to the sauna in the cold seasons – for the sports-minded there’s a wide range of activities at the leisure centre at Siegfried-Ludwig-Platz 4.