Key Data

Political district: Mödling
Judicial district: Wiener Neustadt
Telephone prefix: ++43-(0)1
Altitude: 265 m above sea level

To the north, the Market Town of Perchtoldsdorf borders directly on Rodaun and Liesing and to the east on Siebenhirten (all belonging to the 23rd District of Vienna), to the south-east it borders on the neighbouring Lower Austrian municipality of Brunn/Gebirge, in the south-west and west on Giesshübl and Kaltenleutgeben. In the Middle Ages the market town developed around the castle, which dates from Babenberg times and still represents the town’s dominant focal point.

Inhabitants (principal residence)
Total number of people with a residence in Perchtoldsdorf (including those with a secondary domicile here): approx. 17,500 including those having a second or third domicile in Perchtoldsdorf

Area: 12,59 sqkm
Building land: 104,61 ha
Public thoroughfares: 114,93 ha
Agricultural land: 229,50 ha
Gardens: 233,18 ha
Vineyards: 183,78 ha
Forest: 360,53 ha
Bodies of water: 4,67 ha
Other areas: 28,18 ha
Settlement area: 893,98 ha